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TLG can custom build the courses and instructional tools required to get you to where you want to be. By applying proven educational techniques, TLG ensures your business goals are met.

Implement an LMS that won't break the bank. TLG provides core LMS functions that allow you to display, distribute and administer online and offline learning across your organization or around the world.

TLG can help you create learning management strategies, develop implementation plans and enhance learning beyond "drill and kill" courseware.

Collaboration and a proven, step-by-step process are the foundation of our approach to e-learning. You know your organization better than anyone. With our unique approach you'll be involved from the first project kick-off meeting to project completion, as much as you'd like.

We can help you…

E-learning Services
  • Improve performance
  • Build customer satisfaction
  • Meet compliance requirements cost-effectively
  • Prepare channel partners

Chances are we've already helped other companies through the very challenge you're facing now. TLG custom builds systems to meet your goals. See samples…

Our E-Learning Vision

Our e-Learning Vision

TLG's vision is to act as a trusted partner to its clients by providing expert, comprehensive advice, cost effective technologies and high quality production.

TLG has two core goals:

  • Helping organizations translate boardroom vision into frontline action,
  • Providing access to learning opportunities for learners who wouldn't otherwise have access to such opportunities. Read more…

Educational Success

e-Learning Success Formula

People learn when they are engaged in the learning process.

“Tell me, show me, let me try” is TLG's educationally powerful yet simple approach to presenting learning materials in a way that maximizes learner control and choice. Learning bundles are designed so that learners receive at least one “tell me”, one “show me” and one “let me try” for each learning outcome. Read more…