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Experience Success via our Proven Process


TLG's proven collaborative process guides the way from developing the concept and justifying the investment, all the way through deployment, evaluation and integration into the production system.

The Online Training Plan

Our goal is to communicate the decision process involved in our instructional designer's choice of "appropriate training strategy" and offer a method by which you can assess the appropriateness of a training strategy before resources are committed. Through the online training plan process, you can truly collaborate to produce high quality results.

Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me Try

People learn when they are engaged in the learning process. “Tell me, show me, let me try” is TLG's educationally powerful yet simple approach to presenting learning materials in a way that maximizes learner control and choice. Learning bundles are designed so that learners receive at least one “tell me”, one “show me” and one “let me try” for each learning outcome.

Learners can explore and learn—some read, some listen, others observe. All appreciate hands-on practice when they are ready. Engaged learners are receptive. Receptive learners are more likely to retain and apply their new knowledge on-the-job. “Tell me, show me, let me try” is a flexible proven alternative to point-and-click slide presentations.

We can help you…

Build Customer Satisfaction

  • Communicate your preferred customer service method, a customized sales approach, or specific marketing message to existing internal and field staff without having to travel
  • Increase speed to compentency for new employees on your core business functions
  • React quickly to changes in your key client group by producing and distributing learning to desktops, laptops, or mobile devices

Meet compliance requirements cost-effectively

  • Deliver consistent, standardized training messages to employees anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce the need for your most valuable experts to do training
  • Provide managers with secure access to employee training records for timely and accurate reporting
  • Enable employees to manage their training and track their progress

Prepare channel partners

  • Provide your channel partners with access to learning and certification programs to ensure your product or service is presented in a way that meets your rigorous standards
  • Deliver certification programs consistently, regardless of partners’ geographic location
  • Assess and reuse your existing training resources to create external learning assets for partners
  • Consider business models and revenue-generating training and certification products

Improve performance

  • Assess the instructional integrity of existing training resources to maximize use of your current learning assets
  • Carry out job analysis and gap training assessments to define your organization’s goals, and identify how each job contributes to achieving those goals
  • Link employee skill development to job performance goals
  • Use assessment and evaluation tools to determine employee skill levels and to identify gaps in technical and essential skills
  • Maximize your experts’ time commitment and promote continuous learning through effective online and offline coaching and mentorship programs